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giveaway, galaxy note 8 minisuit case

galaxy note 8 minisuit case stand

Whenever I get a new device, the first thing I purchase after the device itself obviously is a case to keep it protected from the mess in my bag and of course possible falls.

I always look for something that will be trendy but simple because I want it to look good for as long as possible and in as many occasions as possible as well.  I mean, a case with cute hearts and cupids on it may look soooo pretty but not as serious as it should in a working environment, right?

This time I went for this beautiful white case by MiniSuit that does not only protect my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but also enhances the experience of using it as it can be used as a stand, making watching movies on my Galaxy Note 8 really comfortable!



It’s light and made of animal-friendly PU leather.  I chose white but there are many more colours and since its price is really good I thought of getting two instead of one!  One for me and one for you!  Yeap! You heard it right! A case just like the one you’re seeing in the photos is going to be yours if you enter our giveaway! And for those of you who don’t own a galaxy note 8, no worries because I also got a surprise for you!
You can buy any product you like from MiniSuit with a 15% discount by using the code: roubalita

The steps to enter this International Giveaway are simple as simple can be! Just click the link to my other blog, prettynyummy and enter the giveaway!

Good Luck everyone!


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