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“Consumers have come to expect a desktop-ish experience from the iPhone. As with BlackBerrys a few years ago, consumers buy these devices for the familiarity. For better or worse, an iPhone from 4 years ago behaves similarly to one from today. Nerds and geeks might desire something radical; moms and dads just want a new, but still familiar, device. Thankfully the mobile smartphone market is large enough to support both types of devices.”


The iPhone 5 was supposed to be a flop. Consumers were supposed to be disgusted with the lack of innovation. No one was supposed to buy it. That is, of course, if you listened to the buzz during last week’s launch. The opposite turned out to be the truth.

Apple announced the iPhone 5’s first weekend sales this morning and they are stellar. The best ever. Apple sold twice as many iPhone 5s as iPhone 4S during the first few days. And, if you recall, this is all from a phone that due to lack of wild specs, connectivity options or something truly new, was deemed “meh.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apple has done it for years. But so did RIM.

The iPhone 5 is a bit of an oddity in the mobile world. It’s a slight evolution in design over the past few models. It still…

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