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Am I special because I bought an iPhone?

That I am a Samsung Mobiler, go ahead call me a Sammy’s Fangirl I don’t really mind, is already known to anyone reading my blog.  What most of you probably don’t know is that I’ve never owned or was tempted to buy any Apple device including of course iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

I can almost hear all of you right now saying “How strange!  You are a Samsung Mobiler, dude!”

To get things straight, my choice has nothing to do with being a Mobiler.

Before entering the programme and getting a Galaxy Note, I was a Nokia fan as their phones were easy to use and very reliable.  However, sometime back in the mid 2000’s Nokia started running a bit late with catching up with new developments in mobile industry and I remember myself lingering between Sony and LG phones but never actually even bothering to consider iPhone as an option or comparing iPhone’s specs and performance to those of other devices.

Last night however, I had decided to watch the “unpack” event of the iPhone 5. Since I am now a writer of a tech related blog and need to be objective, I felt it was compulsory for me to do it and see if it would lead to a blog post about what is new on the iPhone.

But bingo!  Just attempting to watch the event live I found my aversion to Apple growing more.  Why?  Because when I tried googling for live streaming I found out that the event could only be watched by Apple Product owners!

I mean, what is this?  A lobby, a closed circle of special consumers?  That’s exactly the one thing I hate about this company!  They believe (=consider something as real even if there is nothing to prove it) that when you own an Apple product you are special and different!  How on earth does owning a particular brand’s product make you special?  Do the products we own define who we are?  Am I special because I own a Ferrari and anyone not owning one is an inferior?  Am I a better person from a woman who lives in Africa and can only use an almost torn plastic bag to carry her belongings around because I carry an Hermes bag?

The other thing I don’t like about the whole Apple thing, is how the users of their products are not allowed to any freedom.  You can’t transfer your phone list to other phones.  Your iPhone’s memory is not expandable, if you want more you have to buy a new one.  Your iPhone can only synchronize data with a Mac.  You can’t upgrade or customise a Mac, you have to buy the new one.  When they have a bad product, they typically fix it in the following product which you have to buy (look at the case of the iPhone 4 which had some critical issues that were “solved” by bringing out iPhone 4s that of course you had to buy).  You can’t upgrade your Mac.  You only get what Apple gives you, nothing more. Ever!

That’s exactly what has made me a non-iPhone user and yesterday’s Live event that could only be watched by Apple owners was simply the final straw.  As I have many times pointed out in my posts, the internet is my absolute freedom playground and I do not want anyone to discriminate me and say you can watch this because you are that and you can’t have access to that info because you are not the other!

I am a strong believer of freedom and as long as any company or person tries to control the way I buy, I will simply continue not wanting to own any Apple or whatsoever  products because I hate being part of the mass and more importantly being led by anyone on my choices.

Do you feel that brands try to make buyers believe they are special because of owning their products?  Do you consider yourself as belonging to an exclusive club due to owning a particular product?

PS I think that excluding any non-Apple user out of the “party” last night, just led potential buyers to watching it on different forums where the commentary on its new features was not exactly what Apple was planning.


5 thoughts on “Am I special because I bought an iPhone?

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  4. It is considered a good marketing strategy to make your product consumer feel like he/she is member of an exclusive club. It is done by big or smaller brands for years now. To me fact that Apple users are ready to “die” for that brand is an excellent example of good marketing (especially when there are so many disadvantages as those you described above). That’s the role of marketing and advertising, to own consumers’ mind and will. And probably the reason that marketing is succeeding it’s because most of us feel better if we “belong” to a group. Most iphone users I know don’t have an account on instagram or path, they don’t even have mobile internet. But they bought iphone just because it is trendy.

    Roubalita you are a black sheep for marketers!

    • My understanding of evolution is about being able to make clear choices based on your will and because a product covers your needs. I don’t want to be a customer who covers the companies’ needs and in that sense I may be a black sheep for marketers.
      To my mind, companies should work more on covering their customers’ needs and thus innovate just like Apple did when the first iPhone was made. Innovation and offering more to your customers is what makes a company big.
      I am not sure Apple is gonna keep her “loyal” customers in the years to come if it just continues making the same thing again and again because some of them will probably start getting tired of buying a “new” product that’s slightly different from the one they had been owning before it only more expensive when there are other products out there that are much better.

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