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Media and Press still live in the Past

The case of Clinton Jeff, a blogger from India, has made me realise once more how old the Media and Press are and how unwilling they seem to be to understand that they cannot anymore control the people.

Here in this blog under the tab “Mobilers Voice” I had posted months ago “interviews” of Mobilers from around the world expressing their opinions and sharing their experiences about the Mobilers’ programme run by Samsung.  What they had most said and can be seen in their interviews was that Mobilers are people who love technology in general and write what they think and believe about the Samsung Products not only in their own unique way but also without feeling obliged to praise them.

These are some quotes from their interviews:

“Don’t do anything for Samsung!  Do it all for yourself…Just do things not because Samsung wanted, do things because you own this programme.” Onur, Turkish Samsung Mobiler

“ …Mobilers show love for all mobile devices, especially Samsung Mobile devices.”  Tiger, Canadian Samsung Mobiler

“ Independent of platform, a Mobiler knows their technology.”  Joel, Canadian Samsung Mobiler

“…what is most important is being yourself!” Giovanni, Colombian Samsung Mobiler

“We are social media brand ambassadors with the mission of providing unbiased reviews of new Samsung products using any social media platform.”  Maikel, Canadian Samsung Mobiler

“…you will realise how you become a part of a phenomenal global family.”  Mohammed, South African Samsung Mobiler

“You are representing people NOT Samsung!  When writing blog posts keep that in mind.  If you’ve things to criticise … do it!  Objective writing is the root.”  Mehmet, German Samsung Mobiler

“If you plan on applying to become a Mobiler in your country, do not go after an opportunity to make money.  Myself, Greek Samsung Mobiler

Going back to our topic now, I don’t know what happened with that blogger and I don’t really care, what I am trying to show you with all those quotes is that the Media and Press have always been having the mentality “A dog bites a man is no news.  A man bites a dog is headlines!”

With the boom of the internet and of course social media, rules have changed.  The conventional ways of the press and the media, which are printed newspapers or magazines and television or radio, have seen a sharp decline in their sales and instead of pondering on why this has happened all they did was blame it on the Web.  They just sat back and probably speculated “Oh, this decline is because people can use the internet and read online news for free.  It has nothing to do with us.”  They exhaled a sigh of relief and decided to get their printed work online.

They never ever got to the core of the problem.  The problem was not (especially in the beginning of that new era) money!  The problem was or better is that Television, Printed Press and as it seems their online versions now, have always tried to manipulate our way of thinking and of course impose on us the wills of their highly respected friends (politicians, billionaires?).

I read about this blogger’s story in different sources and then thought of seeing what the serious media had to say about it.  Guess what,  it came to me as a  shock reading about the whole thing on “big” online “newspapers” and seeing that there was no crosschecking!

All they had to do was google the word Mobilers to see what it is all about but I guess that would have been very tiring or they thought that if “If you see it in our site (to paraphrase the lines from the answer to Virginia’s Letter), it is so!

Wrong guys!  People do exactly that everyday on google!  They type in words and find all they need to know.  They stopped buying your papers (except of course if there is a good CD free with it) or watching the News on your channel because they have become sick and tired of you leading them to making decisions!

As I have already mentioned in my article about Social Media, anything or anyone related to providing information to the people should WAKE UP and realise that we the people are no longer confined to their way of thinking!  This is the power of the internet.  We have woken up from the comma mechanisms of this kind had been keeping us in, and found ourselves in paradise!  We think and thus we search.  We don’t want your filtered information anymore.  Get it or your online editions will find their way to the Museum of History very quickly right next to your printed ones.


4 thoughts on “Media and Press still live in the Past

  1. Now about the incident, this is twisted truth! We are talking about a voluntary marketing action explained from the beginning of each event. Samsung Mobilers is a large, international group with selected members. Lot’s of the participants make their prayers every night to be selected for a trip as this of the IFA world trade event!

  2. In my understanding, media always follow the money. And that happens in such extent they don’t give a damn about the news, the journalism any more (at least this is what happens where I live). They have forgotten what their job is all about and they act as bad and unprofessional salespersons. As long as it makes profit is good and is good as long as it makes profit.

    But there are not alone to this! So I ask, why companies trust their publicity money to those that provoke the most negative opinion to the public? Is this good marketing tactics?

    I may not be exactly to the point of your article but it was a “following” thought!

  3. I personally don’t care about what media write, but a basic journalist principle is confront both sides of the story, 3 angry people was mentioned (1 of them anonimous), where is the point of view of the around 140 others mob!lers at those events?

    • That’s exactly what this article is all about Bernardo.
      Journalism has no ethics or at least not enough. They don’t always lie but they don’t tell you the whole truth. They have to realise that the Web is changing it all and the sooner they do the better for them.

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