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A Fantastic Day in London #TakePart2012

Some days just show their face from the moment you open your eyes and today has certainly been one of them.

There are so many things I wanna tell you about that I really don’t know where to start from.  I started my day leisurely with drinking my coffee in the Jubilee park which is conveniently situated right next to the hotel I am staying, the Premier Inn.

I then made my way to the Waterloo Metro station to catch my train to Southwark and visit the Tate Modern Art Museum.

The museum is really great and the permanent exhibitions just as interesting as the seasonal ones.  Some of the exhibits that amazed me can be seen in the following photos.

When you visit the Tate Modern Art make sure you go on the balcony of the second level to see the view to London and Monument Bridge.

On leaving the museum take a closer look to the two tall glass buildings opposite the museum’s entrance.  The buildings themselves look pretty gross but if you notice carefully you will see that the apartments are beautifully and very stylishly decorated.

Before going back to the metro station take some time to wander around the area as there are many walls covered in graffiti or art work worth to see.

Just at the entrance of the Southwark Metro Station I had the chance to see an exhibition of the official Posters for the Paralympics which is part of the Art in the Underground Project during the Olympics.

Right after this overdose of Modern Art I took the train to Westfield Whitecity for my last day of work there as I will be working in the Olympic Park tomorrow.  Entering the mall I couldn’t help taking a picture of stylish 17-year-old Sarah who had just bought herself the hat she is wearing in the following photos.

As I have already told you, one of the ongoing Olympic Manias in London is collecting the Samsung Pin Badges and things here in the pin did get a bit out of control as everyone is now looking for the last 2 or 3 pins to complete their pin boards.

I also had the chance to meet two proud winners of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, Maged from Egypt and Nichol from the UK,  who managed to collect all 49 pins and win Samsung’s premium smartphone!

A good day should always be followed by an even better night and as I am more than lucky to be here with Samsung I do not only carry a premium phone but am also taken to premium places so tonight was Meat Liquor night, London’s coolest place to eat or have a drink.

Picture this…graffiti everywhere around you, the juiciest burgers you have ever tasted, loud but not too loud hard rock music, witty writings on the walls and combine all those with smiling friendly staff and here is the definition of a great night out with your friends. We really had great fun, laughed a lot and ate a lot.

Today has certainly been one more day to remember here in London.

PS…Do I need to tell you that all my photos were taken using my Samsung Galaxy SIII?

No…I am sure you have already figured that out 😉


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