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London Live Day 7 #TakePart2012

Do you wanna know the secret to London Style and why everyone looks so stylish in this awesome city?

I think that after 7 days I have finally understood the secret!  It’s the weather!  In London it is cloudy when you wake up, sunny by the time you’ve had your breakfast and raining just before you catch the bus to work and that pattern keeps repeating itself all day long.  What you have to do is not choose something suitable to wear for the weather but just put on you whatever you like, creating a mix and match style that looks fabulous.

And when the sun does come out, take off your shoes and just find a spot to enjoy it!

If you happen to be in London these days keep your eyes open because there are many interesting things happening around you that you will not necessarily find about in a guide-book.  There is an abundance of what we call Street Art.

If you visit the Tower Bridge stop at the entrance of the Underground to admire the works of art of children that are decorating it.

And do keep your ears open as well, many musians are performing in the streets!  Here’s a video of an artist I really enjoyed listening to.  His name is Oded Kafri.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

London is great and I’m really sorry to be telling you that but….You are not here this summer, you are nowhere!


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