Applications / Galaxy SIII

Who is the Facebook you?

Today I came across an application on Facebook that reminded me of the application running by Intel called The Museum of Me that is collecting data from your Facebook timeline to create a virtual museum of ourselves.

Samsung Mobile has created a similar application that prompts you to “get better acquainted with your social self, along with the ways in which the Samsung GALAXY SIII helps share your world”.  The application calculates and presents in numbers through a beautiful video, which plays on a white Galaxy SIII, some of the things you have been doing on Facebook.

What is really great is that after you’ve been given a small report on what you’ve been up to, the application shows you how you could have done better sharing using your Samsung Galaxy SIII.

As you can see in the snapshot above, I don’t seem to be doing well in video sharing so the application shows me (in the right photo) how I could have done better.

Whether you own or are a potential Galaxy SIII buyer this application is fun and you should give it a try by clicking here.


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