Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII uses Corning Gorilla Glass 2

One of the things that amazes every Galaxy SIII user the first time they get their hands on it, is the feeling along with the clarity and brightness of its display.  What actually gives Galaxy SIII that touch is Hyper Glazed (HG) Gorilla Glass 2.

As we read on the official site of the manufacturer, Gorilla Glass 2 by Corning is “chemically strengthened through an ion-exchange process that creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass substrate. This layer acts as “armor” to reduce the introduction of flaws by end users.”  Which, to put it simply, means that it cannot be scratched or broken easily.  You needn’t go looking for a protection sheet to put over your display because HG Gorilla Glass 2 is exactly that. A layer that protects the Galaxy SIII – the first phone ever to wear this leading-edge technology – or a protection sleeve that will ruin its organic design.  You can just throw it in your bag with your keys and whatever is in there without worrying about it being scratched or broken.  This coating also helps users keep fingerprints away from their smartphones as it makes it easier for them to be cleaned and thus looking great.

Another amazing feature of the HG Gorilla Glass is that it comes out in different thicknesses, ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm, giving the ability to smartphone manufacturers to produce slimmer phones.  Samsung Galaxy SIII owes its sleek look (only 8.6mm) exactly to that.  The small thickness of the HG Gorilla Glass is also responsible for the outstanding and very precise response of the Galaxy SIII display making the use of touch-screen applications even better.

The following charts show a number of different tests that were taken by Corning to test Gorilla Glass 2 and were taken from their official page.

In time we will see HG Gorilla Glass used not only for smartphones but also for the making of tablets and slates, televisions, notebooks, netbooks and many other products.

I am not the kind of person who would normally conduct a scratch or crash test on my own smartphone but as I was writing this post I was really tempted and thought of giving it a try, so in the following video you are going to see me trying to scratch my Galaxy SIII to check if Gorilla Glass 2 really is what promised.  Hope you enjoy it!


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy SIII uses Corning Gorilla Glass 2

  1. I dropped mine less than a foot and the screen shattered. I have NEVER had that happen to me. I couldn’t wait to get this phone. It was a toss up between the Galaxy SIII and the Iphone. Got the Galaxy and dropped it on the 14th day, shattered, I’m sick. The good news is that I did not get the insurance which would have cost me a $150. deductible. Instead I found replacement glass for $28. on amazon and instructions on how to replace it myself. It may be too soon to talk but at this point I really don’t have much to lose, so I’ll give it a try. I’m really disappointed, no way it should have shattered that easily.

    • I really don’t know what to tell you. I’ve been using mine since May and it is still ok. In August, a coleague of mine dropped my S3 (by mistake) on the pavement with the display facing down and not a scratch! Before picking up the device I was worried it may have broken but nothing…we were even putting bets on it before picking it up. I wish I had shot that drop to show you. I think it all has to do with what angle a phone drops from or to. I am glad you could find such a cheap way to replace it. Apart from that accident i hope you are fully satisfied with the S3’s performance because it is surely the best device out there right now.

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  5. It’s extremely brittle, mine cracked when I dropped it on the living room table from a couple of inches height.

    • Oh my! How sad to hear that 😦
      Mine has not dropped yet and I really don’t worry about it falling ’cause I know my Galaxy Note that has accidentaly been dropped a couple of times hasn’t suffered any damages and the glass it uses is not as strong as the SIII’s…I guess it has to do with the angle it falls from. Do u have a picture of it to show us?

  6. The glass is very scratch resistant but it’s extremely brittle. My S3 screen broke after 6 days while in my pocket. It did not fall. It broke with almost no force. There’s some really serious flaws with their so called ‘Gorilla’ glass 2 screen.

    • Please say you are kidding me…How did that happen? I carry mine the way I show in the video & the test I performed there is 100% real and I’m really sorry to hear this thing happened to somebody. If I were you, I would contact Samsung immediately! There must have been a flaw with your device. I don’t think I would invest money on Gorilla 2 if they weren’t totally sure about it. They sure don’t want galaxy SIIIs to start cracking in their users pockets.

      PS Contact Samsung and let me know what happened.

    • 16 days out of the box, my wife’s Galaxy SIII slipped from from her pocket to ground. The screen basically exploded. The largest solid piece is about the size of a quarter. We have both owned Galaxy S Faisnates for the two years prior and have never had an issue. The Faisnates have withstood much, much worse. I agree the glass may be very scratch resistant, but it is also much more brittle than past phones. So far Verizon and Samsung have been unhelpful. Buyer be ware.

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