Mob!lers Voice

Mehmet MoYo Yorulmaz is a Mob!ler

What is a Mob!ler?

A Mob!ler is the representing part for people.
Looking out for new technologies and testing them is one of his/her jobs.
As a representing part thinking of usage and criticism isn’t avoidable.

How long have you been a Mobiler for?

I’m a Mob!ler since November 2010.

Why do you enjoy being a Mobiler?

I love technology, I love to have contact with people.
And being a Mob!ler gives me both.

Which devices have you been given to test so far?

Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung XCover GT-S5690

What events have you taken part in as a Mobiler?

In January 2012 I’ve been on the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.
July 2012 I will be part of the Mob!lers in London for the Summer Olympics 2012.

Which event do you cherish the most and why?

Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.
Have you ever slept in an Igloo?  Let me tell you … it’s as cold as they say it is!

Describe a funny moment as a Mob!ler.

Sleeping in an igloo with snoring people.

What do you advise wannabe Mob!lers?

You are representing people NOT Samsung!  When writing blog posts keep that in mind.  If you’ve things to critisize … do it!  Objective writing is the root.  And the most important … have FUN!  Having fun when doing your things will bring the best results.

You can read more from Mehmet “MoYo” Yorulmaz at
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