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Mohammed Faadil shares his Mob!ler Experience

Hi everyone my name is Mohammed Faadil and im a Samsung mob!ler at Samsung South Africa. I am currently  19 years of age and have studied to become a java developer. At the moment i work at a company Called IBM and my job is Storage managemnet such as data recovery and backups.

I’ve always loved technology and gadgets and when I was introduced to Android I really grew fond of it – ever since I was introduced I grew this sense of love for mobile technology. It is at this time that iI was introduced to this amazing Program called the Mob!lers. I’ve been a member of the first ever group of South African Mob!lers and for me it’s a really interesting program to be in as my love for the companies mobile technology grew. I’ve been a part of the team for 7 months now.

I enjoy being a Mob!ler because you get to test all the latest Samsung mobile devices and you get to voice your opinion about them. In most cases it is much of an honour because you get to use the device before it is even launched in the country itself. Also for me what I enjoy about being a part of the Mob!lers is that you get to meet many amazing people all over the world as well. When I had just joined the program, I found myself 6 weeks later in South Korea for a Mob!lers event where I got to meet many of the Mob!lers from abroad where we got to share our ideas and what we are doing.

I’ve also been invited to attend the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London. It is opportunities like these which you may come across as being a Mob!ler. When you become a Mob!ler you will realise how you become a part of a phenomenal global family.

From the events that I’ve been able to participate in I cherish the Korea trip the most because being a Mob!ler for only just 6 weeks and being able to attend a global event was a real honour.  I was also honoured as well when my personal message was projected at the Unpacked Event 2012 in London.


So far the only device I’ve been given to test is the Galaxy Note and during this time I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Galaxy Note because you get to show off the latest technology before anybody else.

For all the new Mob!lers the best tip I can give you is just go out there, have fun and make the best of it all.

If you want to have a look at any of my work you can check out my blog site at  or  alternatively you can follow me @mohammedfaadil on twitter , you can also have a look at my youtube channel


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