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Maikel Shares his Experience as a Mob!ler

What is a Mobiler?
A Mobiler is a person deeply interested in technology development, specifically but not limited to Samsung mobile products. We are social media brand ambassadors with the mission of providing unbiased reviews of new Samsung products using any social media platform.

How long have you been a Mobiler for?
Since September 2011
Why do you enjoy being a Mobiler?
Being a Samsung mobiler has opened a lot of new opportunities for me, from travelling to events, to testing new devises and meeting amazing people. Just because the program in your country may have ended doesn’t mean the fun stops there. When you become a mobile you are automatically part of the Samsung Global mobilers and may be called upon to participate in other events.
Which devices have you been given to test so far?
Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note 5.3

What events have you taken part in?
MWC 2012 Barcelona and the Unpacked 2012 London UK

Which do you cherish the most and why?
MWC 2012 was a great moment that I still cherished a lot. I made friends that I will keep for a lifetime and got to go to Barcelona a place that is part of my family heritage.
Describe a funny moment as a Mobiler
While in London I made an Honored Guard laugh by asking him if his weapon was available on Call of Duty (video game)
Taking part of the Engraving of Joel’s phone with Martin eist a Sex Machine!

Are there any tips for future Mobilers?
Get deeply involved. If you are not 110% committed it will not work for you. Make connections and learn from the other mobilers. Some of us have had a lot of experience with outside events. If you are lucky enough to be chosen to be one make an effort to connect with the 940 strong mobilers from all over the world and ask them about the experience and what to expect. This will get you prepared and give you an edge!
31-year-old Maikel Parets Hernandez is from Cuba and has been living in Canada for the past 13 years.  He is the father of a beautiful 3-year-old girl and works in Sales, Retention for Shaw Cable
You can follow him in twitter @maikelparets or subscribe to his you tube channel


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