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Samsung Galaxy Beam #mwc2012

I have to admit that when I arrived in Barcelona, Galaxy Beam was not something I expected to see or it to exist. When I entered the room where Samsung was going to show us what we were to see on Monday 27th March at the Mobile World Congress I was really surprised.  I didn’t not even know that anybody was working on such technology.

Galaxy Beam is 12.5 mm (the world’s slimmest projector phone) and weighs just 145gr and yes, you can call it a technology breakthrough product as you can actually carry a projector in your pocket that can deliver big and clear images on a screen of size up to 50″!

I can already see business people projecting their work to their colleagues while on the go.  Teachers using it in class to give life to their lessons.  Teenagers projecting anywhere, their favourite clips or funny videos.  Families sharing their videos and pictures without all gathering over one’s shoulder to see the first photos or videos of their new born baby.  Friends holding a spontaneous party even in places where there is no electricity.  A couple creating atmosphere by using the romantic ambience mode.  A mother putting her baby to sleep while setting Beam in the relaxing ambience mode.  Yes, Galaxy Beam is going to find a place in everyone’s life.

It’s beautifully designed with a yellow strip around and a round back for extra grip.  It’s got a Dual Core processor. The 2000mAh battery is good enough to play 3 hours with the projector on which has a life of 20.000 hours (imagine it playing for 24 hours for 2.5 years non-stop).   The screen resolution is 800×400 and is made of tempered glass (similar to Gorilla) and it’s 4.0″ WVGA.  The projector’s glass has antiscratch quality, and it is a 15 Lumen DLP projector with an nHD module ,  and the company has managed to get an eye protection certificate.  The two cameras are 5MP and 1.3MP. The memory is 8GB and can be upgraded to 32GB. The user will be able to accessorize it with a dual speaker audio dock with rotating hinge. It is definitely being upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and we expect it to arrive in the first half of 2012.

Can you carry a home theatre in your pocket?  Samsung says “Yes!”

by Roubalita

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