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Galaxy Note 10.1 #mwc2012

My Galaxy Note 5.3″ has practically made all my other devices obsolete and the new Galaxy Note 10.1 has just been launched to make my laptop obsolete as well and my life much more extraodinary!

I got asked by many people today at the Samsung Booth here at the MWC2012, why a Galaxy Note 10.1 and not any other tab and the answer that kept popping out of my mouth was only one, “Because of the (8Pi) S-Pen and all the applications coming along with it!”

The Galaxy Note 10.1″ is your new tab.  The S-Pen that we’ve all loved on the 5.3″ edition has been optimized offering the user absolute accuracy and reinforced usability as it is more pressure sensitive.  You can use it together with the  S-Memo not only to write in your own unique handwriting but also to have your handwriting recognised and turned into printed text with just one click.  The S-Note has 8 different templates and various objects and editing tools to unfold your creativity.  You cannot only have your handwriting recognised but also shapes and for those of us who need to do difficult equations Galaxy Note 10.1″ has even that settled for you as you can just write down the formula and have the calculation done immediately!

What is more there is an eraser attached at the other end of the S-Pen helping you to get your work done quicker than before and the designers have worked on making the button on the S-Pen a little more visible by giving it a different colour.  (The Galaxy Note 5.3″ owners should not be feeling jealous…the new S-Pen is compatible with their phone too and the other way round).

The S-Pen can still perform its original 4 functions (holding the button and tapping the S-Pen once to get a screenshot of whatever you are viewing, holding the button and tapping the S-Pen twice to launch the S-Memo, holding the button and scrolling up the page to launch the menu and holding the button and scrolling from the right to the left to turn the menu off).

Another thing you are going to love about it is that it comes with built in  Adobe touch Apps.  The Adobe Photoshop Touch that enables you to perfect your work  by using a combination of images and effects to make it more vivid and professional.  The Adobe Ideas is going to be your digital sketchbook as you can draw and sketch on the go using a variety of themes and layers.

By now many of you may be wondering if this is a device for you and the answer is yes.  Business professionals can use the Galaxy Note 10.1 to edit, annotate and share their work on the go.  Students can use it to keep notes including graphs and present their work in a really professional way, creative designers can sketch, draw and express their uniqueness even when there is no paper around and even kids can find ways of learning through educational activities.

The Galaxy Note 10.1″ is using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, a very strong battery that will keep you going even after 9 hours of watching videos, has a 10.1″ WXGA PLS TFT screen, a 3mp Auto focus camera and a 2mp camera on the front it’s 1080p full HD playback, WiFi Direct/WiFi a,b,g,n/BT 3.0 and comes packed with a Media, Learning, Music, Game and Readers Hub.

It’s slim, beautiful especially the design of the speakers and will be coming out in black and white.

Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made on when it is going to be available in the market so we will just have to wait a little more to let it change our life.

More coming soon because time here at Samsungs Booth for the MWC2012 is really limited with all the activity going on.

Keep in touch 😉

by Samsung Mobiler Roubalita

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